1) Admissions are given on merit basis.

2) Reservation of seats as per Goa Government rules.

3) The application form along with the Handbook & Calendar can be purchased from the College Office between 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. on all working days. The last date for submitting the application along with other documents and fees is as prescribed by Goa University.

4) Students who are already studying in the College should apply for admissions to the higher class immediately after the results of the lower class are declared or as notified. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to a student whose past academic record or conduct was considered unsatisfactory.

5) Students should contact the College office with the admission form duly completed. Students will also have to declare in the admission form if they have registered themselves at any other institution. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

6) No admission shall be regarded as duly granted, unless it is granted by the authority of the Principal, the necessary fees are paid and the admission is approved by Goa University.

7) Students coming from Examination Boards other than H.S.S.C. Examination of Goa Board / Govt. must get an Eligibility Certificate from the Registrar, Goa University, before their case for admission to this College can be considered. A Student Producing a Provisional Certificate of Eligibility may be admitted at his / her own risk and on condition that He / She obtains a final certificate of Eligibility, before the close of the academic term in which He / She is provisionally admitted to the College.

8) Students passing the Examination of H.S.S.C. Board Goa and intending to join F.Y. Classes will be required to submit the application for Enrolment along with an attested photo copy of the same, failing which their admission will be treated as cancelled. They should also submit their H.S.S.C. passing certificate along with attested photo copy to the college office, before the end of the 1st term as per the dates specified by the College authorities, failing which their admission is liable to be cancelled.

9) Students coming from other colleges affiliated to Goa University and seeking admission to F.Y./ S.Y./ T.Y. class must produce `No objection Certificate` and number of attempts at F.Y./ S.Y./ T.Y. class from the Principal of the College attended by them.

10) Every Student seeking admission to the S.Y./T.Y. Class must produce the original passing certificate (with the statement of marks of the F.Y./S.Y. Examination, along with an attested photo copy of the same) of the College earlier attended by him /her along with attested photo copy of same at the time of admission. failing which His / Her admission is liable to be cancelled. This rule applies to P.E.S.'s SRSN College Students also along with other college students.

11) Every Student will appear for the interview by the Principal at the time of admission. The students are expected to be accompanied by one of their Parents / Guardians at the time of interview. Admission may not be granted if a student is not accompanied by the appropriate Guardian. All rights to grant or reject admission are reserved by the Principal.


13) Students who are seeking admission to F.Y. Classes are expected to attach four copies of their Photographs:

a) One to be affixed on the Application Form.

b) One for the College Identity Card. (to be affixed on the Identity Card form attached herewith)

c) Two for the University Registration.

For S.Y. and T.Y. Classes, Students (Other than the new applicants) need only 2 photographs.

14) All the classes for the academic year 2018 – 2019 will commence from 18th June, 2018