1) According to Goa University Ordinance OA -17 relating to minimum attendance for eligibility to appear for of B. A. & B.Sc. Semester Examinations.

i) a Student having less than 75% cumulative attendance in a semester or less than 50% attendance in individual paper/course shall not be eligible to appear for that semester.

ii) A student representing the Institution/University/State/Country in extra curricular activities such as NCC/NSS/Sports/Cultural events shall be treated as “On duty” at the lectures /practicals missed by him/her and shall be marked as ‘D’ in the Attendance Register. Absence due to such activities should be supported by documentary evidence issued by appropriate authority.

iii) Absence on medical grounds for more than four continuous working days is required to be supported with a medical certificate which should be submitted within SEVEN DAYS after rejoining the class. Absence on medical grounds shall be offset against the 25% concession in the attendance already granted. However, if such absence exceeds 25% and is found genuine the student may request for the condonation of the same. The Principal shall examine such absence on the case-to case basis.

2) In addition, the student must complete to the satisfaction of the Principal, the course of study including lectures, practicals, tutorials, seminars etc., as prescribed for the term for the class to which the student belongs. Irregular attendance or absence without permission may lead to disciplinary action or loss of terms. In case of illness, medical certificate must be submitted.

3) Repeaters if admitted will be regarded as regular students and shall therefore be required to complete to the satisfaction of the Principal, the course of study as prescribed for the classes to which the student belongs.

4) Student who opts for biological subjects is required to attend field trips, local and out-station, failing to attend any, one will be deprived of the marks allotted for the same during the practical Examinations