1) The College attaches great importance to good discipline and the same shall be observed by the students in the College. Disobedience, misconduct or misbehavior or failure to comply with any rules will be severely dealt with.

2) Students shall abide by the rules that may be enforced by the Principal of the College from time to time and shall do nothing inside or outside the College, that will interfere with its orderly administration. They shall not invite or instigate any outsider to enter the College premises by their action or speech.

3) i) No special fund shall be collected on behalf of any College association without a written permission from the Principal to do so. ii) The Principal is the Ex-Officio President of all the College Associations and his decision in all matters is final. iii) Every trip of the College must be accompanied by an adequate number of teaching staff. Prior permission of the Principal for every trip must be obtained by the members of the staff.

4) Conduct of students in the classes as well as in the College premises shall be such, as will cause no disturbance to fellow students or to other classes.

5) Students must not attend classes, other than their own, without the permission of the Teacher concerned.

6) Students must not loiter in the College premises while the classes are in progress.

7) Students are expected to take proper care of the College property in keeping the premises neat and tidy. Any damage done to the College property is a breach of discipline and will be severely dealt with. Every class will be held responsible for the cleanliness of their classroom.

8) No person shall be invited to address a College meeting or an association without the prior permission of the Principal. Even in College debates, it is necessary to get all the subjects proposed for discussion, approved in advance and such debates should be held under the Presidentship of the person approved by the Principal.

Ragging of any kind in the College premises is strictly banned by law.

9) Students must attend all classes, practicals, seminars, tutorials, according to the time table on all working days of the College. Students must not remain absent for classes, practicals, tutorials, seminars and examination without the prior permission of the Principal.

10) It is proposed to prepare task forces to maintain the campus clean and tidy and every student shall participate in this activity.

11) i) Smoking in the College premises is strictly prohibited. ii) Absolute silence is expected in the College library and reading room. iii) Every Student must have his or her identity card with him /her when he / she is in the College premises.

12) If for any reason or in the opinion of the Principal (which shall be final) the continuance of the student in the College is detrimental to the best interest of the College, the Principal may ask a student to leave the College without assigning any reason for his decision.

13) The decision of the Principal in matters relating to the College shall be final and conclusive.

14) All the teachers of the College are involved in maintaining discipline on the campus.

15) All the students in biological subjects are expected to compulsorily participate in the field trips as specified under the courses of study for accomplishing and completing the study as per the syllabus prepared by the respective Board of Studies and approved by the Academic Council of Goa University.

16) All the students are expected to use their Handbook & Calendar as a diary to make a note of their daily academic matters. The parents in turn are expected to keep a watch on the diary of their wards, Keep a track of their performance and regularity of work.

17) The use of Mobile Phones is not permitted in the College campus.

18) The College does not take responsibility of organizing Picnics for Students.

19) In organizing the cultural activities. Principal`s decision will be final & binding on the Students.

20) Parents are required to visit the College and check periodically the Progress Reports of their Children from College Office at least twice a year.