Established in 1986, the Dept. of History shoulders the responsibility of imparting historical knowledge to the Under-Graduate students thereby equipping them to understand the universal phenomena with a balanced perspective. The Dept. boasts of highly qualified teachers who are committed to research and have consistent exposure to National and International Conferences. ‘P. E. S. Archives’, the Departmental Subject Association, is an instrument through which the different activities like Field Trips; Talks and Presentations of eminent personalities; Inter-Class Quizzes etc. are arranged. The highlight of the extra-curricular activities happens to be ‘AURA’, the Inter-Collegiate Event for the students of History that trains our students in event management and exploration of creativity in the service of History.

The Dept. offers Papers like the ‘History of Goa’ for F. Y. B. A. and ‘History of Ancient India from the Earliest Times to 1526 A. D.’ for S. Y. B. A. The 'History of India’s Struggle for Freedom’ and ‘History of Science, Art and Culture’ make the components of Foundation Course for F. Y. and S. Y. B. A. respectively. The T. Y. B. A. Papers include ‘History of Mughals’ and ‘History of Marathas’ that enlighten the students about Medieval Indian History; ‘'Indian National Movement’ and ‘Towards Freedom’ that educate them about the processes through which India could take its rightful place in the community of independent nations of the world, while ‘World Revolutions’ and ‘History of Modern Europe’ give them a good grounding in trends in the World History. Under the Project Paper, the T. Y. B. A. students are encouraged to probe the various aspects of the local history thereby inculcating in them the spirit of original and systematic research. Proficiency in History enables our students to tackle the different competitive exams, to take up professions in teaching and civil services along with such other job avenues in the Archives, Museums and Libraries and in the Tourism Industry.