Department of Political Science has been rich in terms of student enrolments, academic engagement of faculty members and professional relevance of the alumni. Started as Three Units in 1986 and thereafter promoted to full fledged discipline in 1991, department has earned reputation in producing large number of advocates, state civil servants, media personnel and professionals of diverse disciplines.

Selected alumni graduates have also coincided with Post Graduation, M.Phil, PhD and Post Doctoral progammes, and few of them have extensively traveled to UK, USA, Germany and Gulf States for academic and entrepreneurial interests and have been constant source of inspiration in upgrading and polarizing of the department. Presently with two full time faculty members, both with doctorate degree, and one on lecture basis; department is doing well in counseling the students of diverse interest.

Department of Political Science, the only one in college for fund raising though open ended admissions in Human Rights Education funded by UGC, New Delhi. Faculty members have extensively travelled in different parts of India and the world to attend national and international conferences apart from engaging in diverse academic interest at the parent institution.