The department of Psychology was started in the year 1986. Psychology is an enterprising field which offers wide topic coverage in the systematic understanding of human behaviour. It seeks to enrich the students and encompass them with a vast knowledge and equip them with a clear, informative and challenging perspective towards human behaviour. The department consists of two faculty members. Psychology is an interesting subject that teaches students the in depths of human behaviour and mental processes. The course enhances the understanding of one's own behaviour as well as behaviour of others. The subject also has an enormous scope in the professions involving teaching, social work, counselling and human resource management.

The department has a subject association entitled "Manoshakti" which organizes various workshops, seminars and talks by subject experts. It also engages the students in expressing their creativity with a wallpaper entitled "Psynapse". The department also manages a Counselling cell which looks after the psychological grievances experienced by the students and equips the students with strategies to study, deal effectively with issues and ensure a good, all round mental health. The department also organizes an annual field trip to the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour (IPHB) which enables the students to understand the theoretical knowledge imparted to them through the semesters. Overall the field of Psychology not only imparts to its students in depth knowledge, but also empowers them with a wide range of career options. practical knowledge and overall in-stills in every student a sense of developing a good mental health.