Financial assistance schemes such as National Scholarships, Merit Scholarships for the children of teachers, Freeships for children of political sufferers, scholarship for the children of Service Personnel, Talent Search Scholarship, Sainik Scholarship, Hindi Scholarship, EBC Scholarship for Middle, High, Higher Secondary and College, Grants for free education for children of middle classes, Book grants, Monetary incentives etc. are released to various Institutions / Colleges through Grant-In – Aid section of the Directorate of Education.

1) The Dept. of Education. Art and Culture, Govt. of Goa provides a scheme for promotion of Science Education under which every student scoring 75% and above marks at Std. XII Examination seeking admission for B.Sc. Courses (Grant in-aid as well as self financing) shall receive a Scholarship of Rs. 2000/-per month for maximum of 30 months till he/she completes his/her course. In addition he/she shall also be provided with a book/equipment grant to a maximum of Rs. 5000/- per year subject to production of fees receipt and relevant expenditure certificate.

2) The Dayanand Bandodkar Scheme for Higher Education for Orphans is available for the eligible students of the category. For details refer Notification No. 32/211-12/Bud/DHE/Plan/Part file/1321 published in the official gazette dt. 14th June 2012.

3) Prayas Hindi Literary and Cultural Association every year awards D.P. Tiwari Scholarship of Rs. 500/- to a student who has secured the highest marks at XII (Board Examination) in Hindi among the students offering Hindi as an elective (major) at the F.Y.B.A. level in College.

4) A Scholarship of Rs. 1,000/- per year awarded by Dempo Charities Trust to students pursuing higher education.

5) Scholarships awarded by the Govt. of India. Dept. of Youth Affairs and Sports to sportsmen & sportswomen in different College in India

6) Government of India Sports Talent Search Scholarship : Awarded annually by Directorate of Sports, Govt. of Goa.

7) Scholarships are awarded under National Scholarships / National Prize and Merit Certificate (in lieu of Scholarship) to those standing first, second, third and in that order at the last H.S.S.C. Examination.

8) National (Merit) Scholarship for the children of school teachers of Pre-Primary, Middle Secondary Schools, Institutions of handicapped, Training Schools or Colleges, the status of which is that if Higher Secondary Schools and Civilian teachers employed in the schools run by Ministry of Defence, who have obtained I Class with at least 60% of marks at the SSC exam or school leaving exam, are eligible to apply, if the parent`s income is less than Rs. 25,000/- per annum.

9) Government of India Scholarships to students from Non – Hindi Speaking states for Post–Matric Studies in Hindi.

10) National Loan Scholarship Scheme by Govt. of India to students of Goa for pursuing regular full time courses of education and training after matriculation. Only students with at least 50% marks in their qualifying Examination and whose parents income is below Rs. 25,000/- per annum for salaried classes (i.e. Basic Pay, DA, CCA + Income if any) will be eligible for consideration against the Quota of scholarship allotted to this state.

11) Scheme for the grant of Educational concessions to the children of India Repatriates from the Portuguese Colonies.

12) Stipend and Scholarships to handicapped students.

13) The Govt. of Goa through the Directorate of Social Welfare is implementing a scheme for the welfare of handicapped students studying in Goa. The scheme is ``Scholarship to Handicapped Students``. Under this scheme, Scholarships are awarded to students from Std. IX onwards.

14) Educational concession to the children of freedom fighters in the State of Goa. Dependents of freedom fighters including their son / daughter, the grand children. (i.e. the children of his /her deceased son / son-in-law), provided the grand children are dependant on him / her, the `The Adopted children`, `Stepchildren` are given to the children of the freedom fighters, whose income (including the income of the pupil) does not exceed Rs. 300/- (Rupees three Hundred only) per month.

15) Centrally sponsored scheme of Post Metric Scholarship to students belonging to SC/ST/OBC

All children of the same parents / guardians can get benefits of the scheme. Under this, there are also special provisions for SC & ST students with disabilities.

16) Fresh Scholarship and stipend, other educational concession to Other Backward Class students, under the Govt. of Goa scheme of Post Matric Scholarship to Other Backward Class students studying in Goa.

17) Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Sahaya Yojana Scholarship to E.B.C. students pursuing higher studies. They should satisfy the following conditions of eligibility. That he /she is not receiving any other scholarship / Stipend etc.

• Only one student of his / family is eligible to get the above mentioned Scholarship.

• That he/she secures a minimum of 45% marks at the 12th Std., F.Y./S.Y. Examination (In case of fresh Scholarship only)

• That he / she should pass the XII Std. / F.Y. S. Y. Examination at the first attempt.

• The total annual income of their parents / guardian from all sources does not exceed Rs. 4,800/-

• That he / she is not employed.

• That he / she is attending full time courses and not part time course.

• That he / she is a resident of the State of Goa.

• That he /she is not receiving any other scholarship / Stipend etc.

• Only one student of his / family is eligible to get the above mentioned Scholarship.

18) Grant of scholarship to the College going children of Iron Ore and Managanse Ore mine workers, including contract mine workers employed in Iron Ore, Manganese Ore and Chrome Ore mines in the State of Goa.

19) Institute of Public Assistance (Provedoria Da – Assistencia Publica Panaji, Goa) grants financial assistance to the students pursuing higher education. The object of the scheme is to encourage the poor students to pursue higher studies by way of providing financial assistance to those who are otherwise unable to bear the expenses of such education due to economic reasons.

• The applicant must be a bonafide resident of the State of Goa.

• The applicant must be a regular student of a recognized institution.

• The combined income of the applicant, his parent / guardians shall not be more than Rs. 7,500/- per annum.

• The applicant is not receiving any stipend / scholarship or financial assistance from any other source, Govt. Private or Autonomous.

• The applicant shall not be eligible for the grant of assistance if he happens to be repeater in any particular standard after receiving the financial assistance.

• The applicant must have secured at least 50% of the marks in the final Examination

• The applicant must not be a repeater in the SSC Examination.

20) Student Aid Fund in Govt. and Non – Govt. Aided Colleges:

The object of this fund is to render financial assistance to poor students to meet partly or fully their tuition fees or exam fees or purchase of books or for similar other expenses. No scholarship or stipend or prizes will be given from this fund. Every student shall contribute towards this fund Rs. 50/- per annum. The SAF scholarships and freeship will be given to poor and deserving students on the basis of higher percentage of Marks, Lower income and good general character.


`Smt. Laxmibai Vishnu Mahatme Memorial Endowment Prize` of Rs. 1001/- sponsored by Shri. Pandurang Vishnu Mahatme of Panaji – Goa for the student securing highest marks in the subject of Chemistry at the T.Y.B.Sc. Examination of April every year

Endowment Prize of Rs. 101/- in memory of ``Late Shri. Vishnu Ganesh Kamat`, Sponsored by Shri. Vishnu Purushottam Kamat of Borim, Ponda, Goa, for a student who scores highest marks in the subject of Botany at the T.Y.B.Sc. Examination of April every year.

Endowment Prize of Rs. 101/- in name of ``Department of Zoology, P.E.S. College, Sponsored by the Staff members of Department of Zoology, P.E.S. College Arts & Science, Farmagudi, Ponda, Goa, for a student who scores highest marks in the subject of Entire Zoology (6 units) at the T.Y.B.Sc. Examination of April every year.

Endowment Prize of Rs. 101/- in name of `Late Shri. Prabhakar Raghunath Prabhu Khanolkar`, for a a student who scores highest marks in the subject of Zoology (6 o 3 units) at the T.Y.B.Sc. Examinicatipn of April every year.

`J. V. Sabnis Memorial Endowment Prize` of Rs. 50/- sponsored by Dr. (Mrs. Vidya V. Prabhudesai of Ponda – Goa, for a student who scores highest marks in the subject of Marati Provided the student has secured not less than Second Class at the T.Y.B.A. Examination of April every year.

Endowment Prize of Rs. 750/- in name of `Late Shri. Gajanan Rayu Tilve ` sponsored by Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Santosh Tilve, Ponda Goa, for a Student who scores highest marks in the subject of Organic Chemistry at the T.Y.B.Sc. Examination of April every year.

Apart from the Endowment prizes, meritorious students are also awarded cash prizes


These Awards are given to

(i) Best Graduating Arts Student

(ii) Best Graduating Science Student.

The Awards are based on Academic performance from Sem I to Sem. V.